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Group Asks for a 'Pardon' for Admiral's Row

It's unclear when the demolition crews will be coming for Brooklyn's landmark Admiral's Row, which is slated to be turned into a supermarket. But Brooklyn's Other Museum of Brooklyn (B.O.M.B.), which has been agitating unsuccessfully to save the historic buildings, has written to Gov. Eliot Spitzer asking him to "pardon" the buildings so they can be landmarked. The letter says, in part:

It appears you are the only person who, with a stroke of your pen, can undo this madness and ensure longevity for Admiral's Row.Without going into a lot of detail, the letter asks the Governor to rescind a 1996 state agreement that allows Admiral's Row to be demolished without going through a landmarking process. Development plans announced in October include a 60,000 square foot supermarket. You can see the letter and a lot of other photos and documents by clicking here.
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