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Ask Curbed: Can Building Hold the Repairs Until I Sell?

Into our Ask Curbed Inbox comes a question about an issue that strikes fear in the heart of many an owner:

Probably half of the 12 units in my prewar brownstone are experiencing some sort of masonry/window leak and we've landed on the "Sorry!" square that says we're ready for some ubiquitous Repointing. The debate currently in mid-rage was mainly fueled by some information [mis-information?] that one of the opposing board members got stating that for every $100 increase in monthly maintenance charges, the value of the apartment decreases something like $30K. The thinking is that maybe we don't have to do the windows... yet.

Our current maintenance works out to be about $.73 a square foot. I'm told the average in the city is about $1.21 (but we don't have a doorman or pool or any "extra" amenities – unless you consider a live-in super lavish). The raise in maintenance would bring us up to about a buck a square foot, I think.

Anybody have any idea where does that stat come from and why or any other comments?

Your reasoned answers in the comments section.
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