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South Slope Fight Switches to Affordable Housing

We've noted many development fights in the South Slope, including battles between building owners and developers, warfare via YouTube and cracked-out buildings damaged by construction. The newest focus is an effort by the Fifth Avenue Committee to build what is called "supportive housing" in the neighborhood. The project would sit on the site of a municipal parking lot at 16th Street and Fifth Avenue in the shadow of some of the new condos going up and it would include 50 apartments, about half for formerly homeless adults. Some units would be set aside for senior citizens and young people leaving the foster care system. There's a series of meetings on the project starting tonight. The Fifth Avenue Committee, meanwhile, has sent out an email trying to win over nervous residents before they start posting YouTube vids. "Who will live in the building?" it says. "Will it be an attractive addition to our community?...You are not alone in your concerns."
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