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Greenpoint Finally Gets its Venti Nonfat Mocha Frap

What you see above is a Craigslist ad seeking new foot soldiers in the war on affordable joe. The hiring event, taking place at the landmark Cobble Hill outpost, includes the line, "Apply for exisitng stores and locations soon to come in Greenpoint and at PolyTechnic College." So Greenpoint gets its Starbucks before Williamsburg? Has the neighborhood zoomed ahead of the 'Burg in terms of indoctrination into normal American life? What say you, Greenpointians? According to the one who sent us the link, dark days are ahead: "My neighborhood is gone." Dramatic! Cheer up, chum: first gingerbread latte's on us!
· Retail/Food jobs: Starbucks Coffee Company [Craigslist]