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Curbed PriceSpotter: Henry, Oh Henry

PriceSpotter is our real estate game in which we provide the listing details and you come up with the listing price. Today, best guesses in the comments. Tomorrow, the big reveal.

What/Where: 3BR/3BA Co-op, Henry btwn Love/Pierrepont
Square Feet: n/a, but see floorplan
Maintenance: $3,554
Bonus Deets: Pre-war building, recently restored with hardwood floors, cove ceilings, hand polished brass fittings, and some shiny fresh paint. Library could double as a fourth bedroom. Kitchen could double as place to eat food. Also note the "necessary full size washer and dryer," which we can only assume to mean this place will get you very dirty. Finally, it's only Monday and we have a winner for the OTT acronym of the week?both the living room and dining room house "WBFP"s.