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Curbed PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Henry, Oh Henry

Yesterday, we provided the listing details for this Brooklyn Heights 3BR co-op. Today, we reveal the asking price and the listing.

Listing: 160 Henry St. [Halstead]
Asking: $2,695,000
Total steal. At least that's what the commenter guesses are telling us (except the ones moaning about the high maintenance, the limited square footage, and the lousy view). We should note that this is not a decent option for the highly leveraged (see "holy crap, the building requires 50% cash!") Finally, not everyone agrees that WBFP is an over-the-top acronym. Wood-burning fireplaces in every room for everyone! UPDATE: Forgot to award the gold star. Kumar checks in at $2.7 million, closely followed by RentingForNow at $2.65 million.
· Curbed PriceSpotter: Henry, Oh Henry [Curbed]