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The Bedroom/Closet Hybrid Love Shack

Via Craigslist, a Mark David East Village rental listing that's perfect for Valentine's Day. Imagine the scene: you're heading back to your place after a charming candle-lit dinner. Much vino was consumed. You're both feeling warm and romantic. You lead him or her on a lovely stroll through your building's communal backyard garden. Beautiful. Then you climb up to the roof so you can both cast your gaze on the dazzling lights of this magic city. They're putty in your hands. You head back to your bedroom, where you proceed to crawl into your midget closet to slip into something more comfortable. Then you hop on top of the closet and into your "lofted bed," a ratty mattress that has seen better days. You lead them by hand up the mini-ladder. Get ready for the first train to pleasuretown.
· Listing: $1700 / 1br - ?NOW YOU CAN AFFORD TO MOVE INTO THE EAST VILLAGE? [Craigslist]