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LIC #2: The View from the Ground

We've run some shots of the new towers in Long Island City as seen from above, but we figured it's worth sharing the view from the ground too. Seems only yesterday they were holes in the ground. Reports say the Rockrose building that opened last year is almost fully rented, but residents are complaining about parking. We assume the free month of rent hasn't hurt. (Not to worry, though. There's a six-story behemoth coming.) Also coming are a supermarket (no word on the chain) and a Duane Reade. Rockrose says 50 percent of the EastCoast renters have come from Manhattan. Total Rockrose share of the LIC pie when finished--7 buildings with 3,400 units. Avalon Riverview North (the building on the right) did win the topping off race recently, though.
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