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Ultimate Teardown Update: Skylofts Reborn!

Recall the saga of 145 Hudson, also known by its shiny new development name the Skylofts at 145 Hudson. Seems the developers built a series of greenhouse-like penthouse spaces atop the building that exceeded the authorized height for their plans. So the city made them tear them down, a moment of destruction seen here last autumn.

Today, rebirth. A Curbed tipster emails, "I sent the first picture back on October 12, 2006 when the SkyLofts were being torn down. Now, check ou the picture snapped yesterday of the 'new' lofts. Looks like a smaller footprint and better style—no more ugly 'greenhouse" structure." (Doesn't look a whole lot different to us. Hmmm.) No word yet on occupancy—or even when these little darlings are going back on the market.
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