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Storefronting: 7-11 Will Straight Up Murder You

1) Upper West Side: We received a press release about the company that's done the interior design on the city's 7-11 locations, touting the way they've managed to "retain the chain convenience store’s suburban feel." The press release also has a bit on 7-11's expansion plans, and it looks like it's going to be a hostile takeover. Watch out, UWS!

2) Tribeca: We already know that 88 Leonard doesn't think you're special. But how will it affect its unspectacular surroundings? A reader writes: "In the matter of about 2 weeks, Rickys has opened on broadway & leonard and Starbucks on Broadway between Lispenard & Walker. There are a few open storefronts for rent too so this might not be the end. It's probably because the coming of 88 Leonard (when is that building going to open? BTW, they just took down the scaffolding) has got all the retailers juiced up and they're right around the corner from MaxDelivery. Well. at least our delivery guys will have plentiful options in the future for Halloween costumes and wi-fi." [Storefronting inbox]

3) Harlem: With this, Harlem Fur completes it's mission: "This rocks my small corner of the world- the UWS veterinary hospital Animal General is expanding into South Harlem. Practice Administrator Karen Heidgerd called to say that AG is looking for a 1,700 sq ft storefront space ASAP- and who knows lease opportunities better than Curbed readers? Animal General is not an average veterinary clinic- they have a clinical social worker who runs a pet-loss support program on staff." Check out more info at the Fur. [Harlem Fur]

4) Central Village: Enjoy this Central Village two-fer, or else: "I noticed today that the Western Spirit store (on Broadway b/w 11th and 12th) has a sign in the window that they have lost their lease. No word on who will be moving in. I heard a rumor that the store on Broadway and 10th (it used to be an elliman office I think) will become a North Fork bank... since that is just what the neighborhood needs." [Storefronting inbox]

5) Park Slope: It shouldn't be a surprise that books are serious business in brainy Park Slope, but we never thought violent thugs would be involved. Reporteth Brooklyn Record: "Adam's Books, a cozy, new-and-used bookstore at 456 Bergen Street in Park Slope, is getting a new name. After Adam was threatened by a lawyer and his shop was visited by a violent thug who may or may not have been employed by the Adams Book Company, he decided to rename his shop Unnameable Books." [Brooklyn Record]

6) Midtown West: What springs from the ashes of a dead Bennigan's? Nope, not a bank. But close. It's Duane Reade. [WhatISee]