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MeatBoard Update: McNally Will Have None of This

The MeatBoard—the Hotel Gansevoort's unselfish attempt to bring "light" and "warmth" to the dangerously downtrodden Meatpacking District—has somehow managed to create another enemy. The kind of enemy that, as a hotelier in the Meatpacking, one would hope not to make. Per a special Curbed correspondent:

the gansevoort put up a fugly billboard that keith mcnally and the some of the meatheat district business owners are not taking kindly to. so mcnally is having his reservationists say the following if the gansevoort concierges - all totally sycophantic asshats, by the way - call pastis: "I'm sorry, but we've been instructed not to take reservations from your hotel in protest against the billboard on Hudson Street." OHHHHH!!! BURN!!!!!Sweet Justice, running pure as the mountain stream.
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