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Funky Friday Listing: Amagansett Zootopia

Reporting from The Beach's Winter Bureau -- It's President's Day Weekend, historically the starting point for that elusive summer rental search in the Hamptons. Thinking of heading out there this weekend for a look around? Eh, forget it, per the select broker quotes from a Post story about the market:

· "A lot of things are gone already. Most traditional Hamptons homes in the middle price range - those are already rented."
· "You can't find stuff. It's pretty slim pickings this year."
· "This market has a lot of new people renting, and many don't understand that it costs so much to be in these very desirable areas. They are shocked when I tell them how much it will cost."

So given that you now won't be looking, we needn't bother directing your attention to the five-bedroom Amagansett modernist special seen above. (Renting for the summer for $100,000.) And hey, for those who have braved the market, care to share any actual intel in the comments?
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