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How About Some Car-Free Bedford Avenue?

The cool renderings above come from which is pushing an idea for, you know, doing away with cars on Bedford Avenue. It's the creation of a graphic designer now going by the name of Emil Choski (formerly Kozerawski) who has combined last names with his wife. You might remember them from the Poland-Korea Relations Blog. They've posted things like this and this. In any case, this more serious venture comes with cool visualizations of what Bedford would like without cars, including a video game like "flyby" video. And there's a survey and other stuff. The plan includes banning cars from Bedford from Metropolitan Avenue through McCarren Park, but leaves cross streets open.
· Bringing Bedford Ave. Into the 21st Century []
· Visualizing a Car-Free Bedford Avenue [streetsblog]

BONUS: Streetslbog also spends some time revisiting the Downtown Brooklyn Traffic Calming Project and its suggestions for the intersection where a little boy was killed in Gowanus this week. Check it out.