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East Village Mansion Dreams Fulfilled?

There's a new chapter in the long, long saga of the tenement building at 47 East 3rd Street. If your memory doesn't extend all the way back to Spring Break '05, the owners of the building headed to court in an effort to evict the tenants of the 15-unit walkup, so that they could convert the five-floor building into a mansion for their family. The tenants argued that the law stating that landlords can seize rent stabilized units if they will be used for personal use shouldn't apply, do to the size of the building. Got that? Well, now a state appeals court has ruled that the Economakis family can go to Housing Court and proceed with the evictions, a bad sign for the holdout tenants. In the meantime, the family will start moving in. That should make for some deliciously awkward hallway chatter with the neighbors.
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