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What's Selling in Williamsburg?

No, really. With all these new developments springing up in the 'Burg, it's hard to keep tabs on what's actually selling like PBR at a Northsix show (R.I.P.). Apparently one hot commodity is the little-known Maspeth Condos. Built on Maspeth Avenue somewhere in the East Williamsburg/Bushwick grey area, this new construction has 24 units that went on sale last week?20 of which now have accepted offers. So how-in-the-name-of-2004 did that happen? Well, one-bedrooms were priced starting at $355,000, and the seller is paying all closing costs. The down payments are only $10,000, and the common charges and taxes on most units come in under $200 per month. Talk about homebuying for hipsters! The Maspeth Condos website didn't even launch until a couple days ago, and now the only units left are some penthouses. One of the sales associates, after taking some shots at other Williamsburg developments for their pricing, said "That's part of the 'wow' factor for this. We set up a pre-sale, thinking 20-30% may get offers, but we wound up selling 85% of the building in just 6-7 days." A happy accident, surely.
· Maspeth Condos [Official Site]