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Eater Tastings: Off the Hook

Behold, this week's goodness from Curbed/SLNY restaurant blog Eater...

1) Nolita's much-anticipated Gold Bar is revealed (above). An early report highlights the expensive cocktails and mock oil paintings of "defunct Italian counts."
2) Don't call it a comeback?or do. Akhtar Nawab's new menu has landed at E.U.
3) Josh DeChellis' has reopened his Japanese standout Sumile as Sumile Sushi. The fish is fresh but the crowds are sparse, which means "at this moment it is the best restaurant in the West Village to which one can can walk-in at almost anytime and get a table."
4) Introducing resyFEED, furiously dialing for your entertainment. Craftsteak at 8 okay by you?

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