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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) That's Rather, Uh, Something (67 comments)
"with all the bullshit out there (granite this, marble that) its definitely not cookie-cutter."
2) Fifth Street Lofts Comes Online (60comments)
"Cheesey advertising notwithstanding, Toll Bros continues to impress with attractive modern housing that is light years ahead of what other developers are putting forward in New York."
3) Ask Curbed: Can I Return with My Own Broker (49 comments)
"You absolutely COULD use the buyer broker and its entirely up to the BUYER to choose whether or not they want representation using a buyer broker in the transaction. There is no such thing as buyer loyalty in this business here in NYC. No agency agreements, nothing."
4) Curbed Roundtable: February State 'o the Market Report (42 comments)
"Let's see how smug you hacks will be when inventory starts skyrocketing after this (Superbowl) Sunday. The slowdown in 2006 was just Act I. The show really starts in 2007."