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Today in Craigslist Racial Sensitivity

Sure, this is destined to get pulled by the CraigsCops, but if someone could please clarify for this woman exactly what parts of Williamsburg are free of black people, she'd be very thankful:

Where does the black neighborhood start??
I'm looking for an apartment close to the L or G trains and I get all kinds of bullshit brokers e-mailing me with some 'Williamsburg lofts' b.s. way out there. All I see is ghetto trash walking around. I'm a white female.

Can someone please tell me where the boundaries are because I'm wasting my only day off traveling to these shitty neighborhoods. Supposidly they're 'up and coming.' I'm tired of this politically correctness. Is it illegal to tell someone I do not want to live anywhere near where black people, crack whores, drug dealers, and rapists and unemployed welfare trash lives.
Is John Rocker's family looking to buy in Brooklyn or something?
· Where does the black neighborhood start?? [Craigslist]