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Development Du Jour: Soho North

Or, perhaps, Development Du Century? Blog Uptown Flavor alerts us to this new 11-unit loft development on 124th Street in Harlem. If you've been following the luxury loft game in Harlem, you know that this was destined to happen. By that, we mean your SoHa 118s and your "Soho type lofts." Is it any surprise that Halstead decided to forego the subtle implications and just market this mofo as Soho North? Kind of a big bomb to drop on y'all on a Friday, compounded by Uptown Flavor's account of the ad that ran for Soho North in AMNY, which apparently contained the tagline, "Bring your bonus uptown." Brain. Exploding. The listings are sprinkled in with the other properties represented by Norman Horowitz, and all we see right now is two-bedroom units ranging from $1.15 million to $2.2 million. You know, if they called it Noho, at least they'd be technically accurate.
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