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High Line Update: People Smiling, Paint Drying

When the latest Friends of the High Line update came through with an announcement that we could "have our portrait taken as part of the High Line Portrait Project," we got pretty geeked. Finally, us commoners could get up on those rails and see what all the fuss is about?and take home a souvenir! But something didn't seem right about those photos. The elderly and dogs risking twisted ankles to get up there? Sure enough, upon closer inspection, you can actually get your portrait taken in front of a High Line backdrop. Ah well.

As far as a real High Line update (sorry, that photo thing really did bum us out), the email also included that as well. While the campaign to save the West Side Rail Yards portion of the High Line goes on, construction continues on the so-called Section 1. Sandblasting, painting and structural repairs are in full gear, and this prep work is expected to be complete in the summer. Then comes some landscape work and the building of more access points. Then comes our secret keg party that you'll all totally be invited to.
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