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MeatBoard Update: Non-Guests' Rave Reviews!

Can one get enough of the MeatBoard, the Hotel Gansevoort's stirring commerical addition to the Meatpacking District? Of course not. Hence the photograph above, sent in by an alert Curbed reader with this note: "Wasn't there something about these billboards not being visible from playgrounds and parks?" (Also: snow! Pretty!)

In other MeatBoard news, Gawker reports that opponents of the 'board have taken to hotel review sites like TripAdvisor to warn potential guests about the interloper. Reads one such review, "It is giant, it is ugly, and you will think you are in TImes Square. Oh, and you also get to see it (and have the view blocked) from both the rooftop bar and the outdoor bar on the street level. IT'S THAT BIG." (Actually, point of fact, it's not, but we're enjoying this latest drama too much to quibble.)
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