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Curbed PriceSpotter: Pre-War Nassau

PriceSpotter is our real estate game in which we provide the listing details and you come up with the listing price. Today, best guesses in the comments. Tomorrow, the big reveal.

What/Where: 2BR/1BA Co-op, Nassau btwn Maiden/John
Square Feet: 985
Maintenance: $1350
Bonus Deets: No master here and the second bedroom is currently functioning as a living space ("with custom build-ins"). Still, it's hard to resist that Pottery Barn glow. And Nassau St.? We couldn't really sum it up better than the broker, who says, "What a great place to live by all the action." Recent reno resulted in plenty of proper-name appliances. Now the entrance, lobby, elevators of the pre-war building are getting the overhaul. No word of a doorman, but there's a live-in super.

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