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Novo Park Slope Adds Greenery, Still Looks Like Dorm

Call it the Novo Novo Park Slope. A tipster with excellent eyes directs us to the Leviev Boymelgreen website where, it seems, the Novo Park Slope/Boymelgreen Hall has a new rendering showing plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and people. Our tipster writes:

They added flowers everywhere and tried to lighten up the hideousness. No word on whether the building will employ a full-time gardener to maintain the look, and no word on how to buy an apt. (Still shows sales beginning in January).We have to say that a big, bricky, dorm-looking building (some commenters actually say "mental institution") with greenery is, well, a big, bricky, dorm-looking building with greenery. Better than the stark updated rendition, though. Also, dig the New Look Fourth Avenue in the rendering.
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These are the original renderings of Park Slope Tower/Novo Park Slope/Boymelgreen Hall.