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CurbedWire: 290 Mulberry Cracking Up, Downing Street Eyesore, Secret Essex Market Activity!

Another edition of CurbedWire, the end-of-day reader rant/intel/gossip roundup. Know something the Wire ought to hear? Drop it our way. Thanks.

1) Nolita: More trouble looks to be afoot at 290 Mulberry, SHoP's latest project on Houston that got Wire'd yesterday. A special Curbed correspondent reports, "I was walking by 290 Mulberry this afternoon and noticed a huge crack running up the east facade and down to the NE corner. The cracks looks to be one inch wide (it gets bigger as the crack moves down and around that corner) and it looks like the whole face at that part of the building is pulling away.There's a sidewalk shed -- but it stops right at the edge of the building, so if the bricks were to give way there it could be ugly." Also, a commenter yesterday noted that the FDNY has made multiple site visits as of late. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) West Village: A reader wonders, "Anyone know what is up with Eysesore Memorial Park on Downing Street in the Village (right)? This lot has been empty (except for the rats and the stray CRT computer monitor) for quite some time. A brief conversation with the super of #10 Downing Street says the property had been sold a few years ago. In the background, you can see a single small house on the lot. Sure would make a nice public space." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Lower East Side: A special Curbed correspondent sends in the photo below from this morning. Seems secret activity is again afoot at the long-shuttered section of the Essex Street Retail Market between Rivington and Stanton. But what? [CurbedWire Inbox, previous]