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British Vessel Invades Times Square

For those heading to work through Times Square early last Friday morning it should have been quite the wake-up call: Two suspicious characters rowing down the icy sidewalk in an apparent attempt to invade the local TGIF. Not since the War of 1812 has anyone attempted such a brazen naval incursion into New York City territory. And right under the watchful eye of the Times Square web cam. Now presented for all the world to see. Reports from the perpetrators claim their mission was a complete success and that they have now returned to their homebase:

Boat purchased from a catalogue-shop in UK for practise run and then brought over in hand baggage ... the temp during the sidewalk-boating was around 17 degrees ... Back in UK now, excellent trip.One can only wonder what secrets the nefarious "rafters" were able to carry away with them.

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