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McNally's Morandi Exhausts 15 Charles

In a week in which he's opening Morandi, his new West Village Italian, while smacking down the MeatBoard, this much is clear: it's Keith McNally's world and we're all just living in it. Nowhere is this more true that at 15 Charles, the towering apartment building that holds Morandi (above right). A Curbed correspondent within the building leaks us this neighbor-to-neighbor email:

I'm sure you've heard all the noise regarding Morandi and its sidewalk café. [McNally has applied for a sidewalk license; the application is pending.—ed] Here's the newest twist...last night we received a note under the door regarding 'E' apartments. Apparently the owner is upset the condo board didn't inform residents about the exhaust system put up in the back of the bldg. It does hinder the view of the clock tower for E apartments a bit. He is soliciting people to join him at the next condo meeting.

Slightly hindering the view of the clocktower—the iconic Jefferson Market Library? This is the freaking West Village, people. One simply doesn't do things like that. Smart money says McNally has no idea what shit he's just stepped in.
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