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Development Du Jour: m127

Location: 127 Madison Ave. (between 30th/31st)
Size: 9 units (2 duplexes, 7 floor-throughs)
Prices: $1.5m to $1.9m for floor-throughs, lots more for duplexes
Sales & Marketing: Stribling
Lowdown: Given our obsession with all things SHoP, we've been remiss in not showing some love for the architecture firm's latest creation, a 12-story condo development on lower Madison Avenue. Think of this place as Murray Hill's answer to the Switch Building, with angled facade windows. An intrepid Wired New York poster has already stopped by with a camera, and the early look is drawing non-rave reviews ("I don't think this renovation will age well"; "looks like crap"). Alrighty! At least the place has the best rationale for its name we've come across in sometime—"a friendly tribute to the city's system of bus signage," per CityRealty.
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