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Details on the Battery Carousel & Prospect Park Ice Rink

Two park projects in the news again today that have been simmering for some time.

1) The Battery Park "Sea Life" Carousel, which would be made of "smart glass" that goes from transparent to dark blue with images of fish projected on it, is still chugging along. into it. The Battery Conservancy is trying to raise public money to cover $6 million in construction costs, about $1.65 million of which has been raised. There's also a need for $5 million in private money for maintenance, with $2.4 million raised. The other part of the plan is a ferry from the Battery to Coney Island and the Rockaways. The city is said to be exploring options. [Metro and Kinetic Carnival]

2) The Prospect Park Skating Rink had its big public reveal yesterday, although details have already been making the rounds. The $39 million project, which is called the Lakeside Center until naming rights are sold to raise money, will have two rinks. It will also restore the park's Music Island, which was filled in when Robert Moses built the existing Wollman Rink. Public sources are kicking in $8.5 million and the Prospect Park Alliance is kicking in $15 million. There will be covered hockey rink and a public skating rink, plus a 38,000 square foot building with cafe, etc. Look for it in 2010. [Daily News]