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Behold the Graceline Court, Harlem's Amazing Cantilever

This here is a rendering from Lowen Development of the firm's 16-story, 32-unit "luxury condo" (their words, not ours) dubbed Graceline Court that's set to rise at 106 West 116th, next to Malcolm Shabazz Mosque No. 7. Architected by Feder & Stia; completion early next year; expected price around $675/sqft; etc, etc. All well and good.

Two things grab us. One, of course, is the cantilever. Not since Frank Lloyd Wright built "Falling-Water," a concete/nature mashup of sorts in the woods of Pennsylvania, has the extension of a building over its base excited us so. The other is the history of the mosque next door, above which the canter, levers. Malcolm X once ministered here, and the building is now used by Sunni Muslims. (The first three floors of the development—currently an empty lot—will hold a Shabazz Heritage Museum). But as the AIA Guide's historical description of the place reveals, it was originally built at the turn of the 20th century as a shopping spot. Quoth the AIA (via CityRealty): "[it's] an innocent translation of the forms of a Middle Eastern mosque into the vernacular materials of 20th Century shopping centers. The aluminum pumpkin-shaped dome is a parody of those found in the Middle East. Vulgar."
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