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Storefronting: Stern 'Fronts on UWS, Scoop Grows in Soho, Banks Now Replacing Banks

1) Upper West Side: We begin with some Sternfronting, namely the facade that architect Robert A.M. Stern has designed for the Kaufman Center. Reports Alec Appelbaum, "The natty neoclassicist presented plans for a 'vivid fire-red granite' two-story lobby and glazed-glass exterior to make the 67th Street façade glow at night — all the better to stand up to hulking Victoria's Secret next door, on the corner of Broadway." [Daily Intel]

2) Upper West Side: From the Storefronting mailbag: "There was some activity going on in the former site of Bonne Nuit at 30 Lincoln Plaza this morning. The rumbling I heard is that another bank is moving in... big surprise." [Storefronting Inbox]

3) East Village: A reader writes: "Walked by Trackstar (1st St, btwn 1st & 2nd Aves) -- it looked really empty. Closed empty. Though it could be renovating empty." Bonus soundbite from said tipster: "If it's closed, where are sanctimonious hipsters going to go for the instant alternata-culture accoutrements?" [Storefronting Inbox] UPDATE: Notes a commenter, "RE: Trackstar, the hipsters will now be going to 231 Eldridge St., which is now their address according to their website. Obviously they moved."

4) Soho: Just what New Yorkers tourists desire: a Scoop megastore. The Shophound files an early report from the new fashion outpost on Broadway just above Grand (above), the firm's biggest store to date. He likes the "refreshingly uncluttered environment;" dislikes the "uninspired men's merchandising and absurdly extravagant children's wear." [The Shophound]

5) Harlem : Wynn Optics, which, as noted by blogger Harlem Fur, is neither a bank nor a drugstore (dammit), has opened on Lenox Avenue. [Harlem Fur]

6) Gramercy: We've saved the best for last. Valley National Bank, based out of Wayne, NJ, has lost its lease here. The new tenant in its 145 Fifth Avenue space? None other than mega-banking chain HSBC. Happily, The Real Estate notes, "Despite its loss, Valley National isn't going far, however. Jersey's so-called 'super-community bank' has found a replacement space just one block away, on Broadway." [NY Observer]