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Two Funny Guys Get Gaveled At 179 Ludlow

A while back we asked "What the hell is going on here?" in regards to the cinderblock shell that sits at 179 Ludlow. This forlorn and none too popular property, the wilted lettuce on the Katz-Pomeranc-Costas sandwich, will soon be served up on the auction table. The owners of this thing, Two Funny Guys LLC, probably aren't laughing now. Court records show that this is one messy meal of a property. Bankruptcy has forced a sale. Could it be that one of those Funny Guys is serving up baloney?

The auction for 179 Ludlow is set for March 22. But before then let's see what's on the menu. Aside from the Two Funny Guys, there are some other cut-ups on the scene. Department of Buildings records show R.I.P. Construction Consultants as the applicant of record for this property. Those real estate types can be comical, no? Digging deeper into the menu for 179 Ludlow one comes across some Russian dressing. And what's that hidden away there? Spam? How does it taste? We'll leave that to those sleuthy types to uncover. But a hint never hurts.
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