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Williamsburg: Land of the 'Giant Fart Cloud'

The Roebling Oil Field is not the only thing stinking up the area around N. 11th Street and Roebling, within smelling distance of the expensive condos on Karl Fischer Row. The Bad Advice blog offers an olfactory tour the immediate area, detailing the particular pleasure of the local cabbage factory:

Day and night, there are guys working away in there, shredding thousands of heads of that stinky green vegetable. Once the cabbage is torn up into little bits, it goes into plastic bags, which are then loaded into boxes and up onto a pallet, which a forklift takes out to a truck. I don't know if you've ever been in close proximity to a ton or so of cabbage, but it's like living within a giant fart cloud. Like the whole block has been dutch-ovened by some great big gassy jerk. Because there's a certain amount of spillage during the processing, the cabbage is also responsible for an increase in the amount of furry black rodents skittering around the area. Last year, to combat the problem (which I imagine was way worse inside the building), the owners got two tiny little kittens. The kittens eventually grew into scrawny cats, but I haven't seen them in months. I'm betting the rats ate them...I know that whoever buys it will rip it down and in the process, most likely tear down half of my creaky little building in the process. I've seen the way Williamsburg developers work and it ain't pretty.

If it's not one thing, it's another.
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