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A Visit to the Atlantic Yards 'Community Liaison Office'

It's been a big week for the Atlantic Yards Development. First, some bulldozers rolled in to start site prep work. Then, the developer announced the opening of a new 'Community Liaison Office.' So, it's no surprise that within days, the Atlantic Yards blogger dubbed the Mad Overkiller would wander over into the belly of the beast. His tale of visiting the new office contains much rich detail:

You open the door. A security guard asks if you work for the developer. No...You tell him you're here to visit the new office. He asks you if you're a member of the community. Yes, you say, and ask if he is a member of the community; apparently he's not. You sign in. (They also have security cameras outside, just in case.)The office itself is described asa former loft condo with polished wood floors, handsome wood shelves, and no furniture whatsoever. It is a stunning space, with ceilings at least 15 feet high...It's good stuff in a mouse checking out the cat sort of way.
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