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'Park Slope Alternative Stepford Moms' Mount Defense

You can almost hear a lot of bloggers and commenters flexing their fingers as they prepare to weigh in on David Brooks' op-ed in the New York Times on "hipster parents" that particularly went after the Park Slope Mommy. It's already been called "breathtakingly superficial" and anti-Park Slope. The entire column is posted at the Daily Slope Message Board along with an array of comments, but we'll copy and past a couple of key paragraphs:

Can we please get over the hipster parent moment? Can we please see the end of those Park Slope alternative Stepford Moms in their black-on-black maternity tunics who turn their babies into fashion-forward, anticorporate indie-infants in order to stay one step ahead of the cool police? Can we stop hearing about downtown parents who dress their babies in black skull slippers, Punky Monkey T-shirts and camo toddler ponchos until the little ones end up looking like sad-parody club clones of mom and dad?

Of course, it's not Park Slope Strollergate, and it's really more of about hipster parents than any particular neighborhood, but we don't think we've heard the last of it from the Park Slope crowd.
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