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Microsoft Takes on Max Fish, Residents Hit in Crossfire

Were you cruising Ludlow Street at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning? (It's OK to admit it.) If so, you no doubt had a run-in with the Microsoft Zune SUV, which tried to out-rock local watering hole Max Fish with a fairly tricked-out sound system. This being the age of the LES/EV noise wars, residents were v. unhappy. So unhappy, in fact, that a Wake Up Microsoft website has been created (w/ video!). The message:

Dear Microsoft, We would like to thank you for the egregious display of noise terrorism commited on Ludlow Street between Stanton and Houston during the early hours of Sunday, February 25th. At approximately 03:00 EST, a Toyota FJ Cruiser with a competition grade car stereo rolled up outside of 178 Ludlow Street. In what was seemingly a desperate bid for attention, music was blasted in a very dense residential area.

These pissed-off LESers want what we all want?to annoy Bill Gates, and if that fails, money. On the About Us page: "we would like to (legally) blast music throughout Microsoft's HQ during a week day. Preferably right before a large product release, when employee stress levels are at their highest. Alternatively and/or additionally, lump sum payments to all residents disturbed by this incident would be tolerated." And the drama doesn't end there! A Hell Square Residents Association blog has popped up, seemingly dedicated to a neighborhood that kinda-sorta doesn't technically exist, but right now all they're really concerned about is alerting you to the Zune debacle.
· Wake Up Microsoft []
· Hell Square Residents Association [; Ed.?why didn't we buy that domain?!]