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99 John Going Condo; Red Herrings For Everyone!

Here are some fun facts about 99 John Street, courtesy of Emporis:

· Built in 1933 during the renaissance of New York's Art Deco period, 99 John Street was created by the architectural firm of Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, famed designers of The Empire State Building.
· The elegant marble lobby displays original murals by Italian artist Giancarlo Impiglia.
· It is one among several office towers in Lower Manhattan converted into first-class apartments.

Oh, and? Per a Curbed reader, the old dame's going condo.

99 John Street is going condo. I live in the building and received the Proposed Offering Plan ("Red Herring") today. The offering price for my 873 sq ft studio (with a home office) is $740,000. For its size, this does not appear to be a bad price by NYC standards, even though it in any other city it would make you want to vomit. (You previously reported that the NYU dorm at 15 Cliff Street is going condo. 15 Cliff and 99 John are connected at the lobby and cellar levels, and indeed, the entrance to the 15 Cliff condos will be via the 99 John Street lobby.)

The news does, of course, come as a blow to the young post-college set, many of whom have found love and lust in the hallwaysat 99 John. It's also a blow to, which has always had a rather entertaining page about the building.
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