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Storefronting: Essex Letdown, the Qdoba Cometh

1) Lower East Side: We sincerely regret if you got your panties in a bunch after we hinted at something significant going on inside the closed chunk of the Essex Street Retail Market. Sez a tipster: "The activity outside of the Market probably isn't any sort of redevelopment. I saw a few Silvertrucks Lighting trucks and grabbed a picture." Zzzzzzz. Curbed regrets the error. [Storefronting inbox]

2) Murray Hill: Folks, this is a biggie. Qdoba, the fast-food Mexican chain that's poised to give Chipotle a run for its barbacoa, is opening its first Manhattan location at 34th Street and Third Avenue. Word on the street is that it's "close to opening." We'll see you there. [Storefronting inbox]

3) Harlem: Yesterday, and we're not joking here, Curbed had the opportunity to meet Jared from the Subway commercials. His favorite all-time Subway sub is the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. What this means, we can't really say, but if you are a fan of the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki?and you live in Harlem!?blog Uptown Flavor wants you to know that a new Subway location is coming to 135th Street and St. Nicholas. Also, there's a new furniture store on the Eigth Avenue side of Frederick Douglass Boulevard called Frederick Douglas [sic] Furniture. An interesting strategy. [Uptown Flavor]

4) Soho: Troubles in the Soho stationary district? Writes an operative: "On spring between crosby/lafayette, a Papyrus opened on the north side of the street-used to be a sofa store, maybe? On the south side of the street, Kate's opened a home store in the old portico location. Now, Papyrus is shuttered, with signs to be opened May 2007 and Kate's is closing for renovations. Just curious." Meanwhile, paper problems aside, Trunkt wonders aloud if Soho retail is back to its glory days. [Trunkt]

Got storefronting to report? A shop opening or shuttering around town? Do drop us a line. Bonuses awarded for digital photographs, per usual.