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J Condo Silences Doubters

It's a good day for fans of the new Dumbo skyline. That deceptive open house problem at the J Condo? All taken care of. Residents are now free to schedule viewings of their actual units, and many are. Writes the tipster who sent along that eastern-facing photo from the 6th Floor:

J Condo owners started seeing their apartments today. Judging from the early posts on the building's Yahoo Groups page, everyone is impressed with the level of quiet in the units. One review came from a southern exposed apartment, another from an eastern exposure. The ceilings are a full 9'4", many units on the lower floors already have cabinets and appliances, and the public hallways are generously wide.Has the major knock on the building?that its proximity to the Manhattan Bridge will lead to too much noise?been disproven? Another J-er forwarded us some messages from the Yahoo Group (turncoat!), and it seems like everyone agrees that noise is not an issue. The apartment was bare – concrete floors and plaster board walls. No appliances or fixtures were installed. Most importantly for us, the noise from the bridge was minimal. There was no audible car noise and a faint sound of the subway. We agreed that if we weren't listening for the subway, we wouldn't hear it. I noticed that the traffic and street noise from our apartment on 15th St and 5th Ave (Union Square) on the 17th floor is far worse. Also, they were doing construction work on the bridge outside our apartment, which we heard from the street and did not hear from the apartment.

The view was fantastic; full panoramic view of lower Manhattan. The downside of the view is that the Beacon Tower blocked our sight line of the Statue of Liberty. We were disappointed by this mostly because of the hideous look of the building. From the doorways, we saw views from the other apartments on the 23rd floors and all looked stunning.

Burn! And another:My wife and I just bought over the weekend, and we were shown apartments on both the H and F lines (West and East respectively). Agree that the noise cancelling windows seems to have done a great job. On the West-facing side, we couldn't hear any bridge traffic, and we could only hear faint construction noise. Of course, when you open the windows, you can hear everything. No fixtures were in place, though we saw some washer/dryers sitting around. Very nice.

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J Condo

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