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EVill Noise War Update: Handsome Dick, You're Next

First they came for E.U., and I said nothing, because I am not European. Then they came for?eh, forget it. By now you all know that the East Village is noisy, and many people are trying to stop that. In addition to E.U., Opus and Heathers have also been in the crosshairs, and now the battle has spread to punk rock dive Manitoba's on Avenue B. Brooklyn Vegan has the scoop, as it seems that Handsome Dick Manitoba's watering hole can no longer book live acts. Manitoba's MySpace page has this message:

Effective imediately, we have been forced to stop all live performances due to a neighbor couple that seems to have ignored the fact they purchased their apartment at an extremely low price because they live directly above a Rock N Roll bar that features live music!! After 8 years of being an established music location in New York City, we are very regretful of this development, however we are doing everything we can to restore our place as an outlet of local rock and punk music.

Meow! BV also carried word of a campaign to stick it to this mysterious forgetful couple. The comments thread is raging about whether or not Handsome Dick (right) is, in fact, a douchebag. Look at that face. Would you want to piss him off?
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