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How to Control Park Slope Traffic

It's another big week for cars in Park Slope, the neighborhood's second biggest issue after strollers and parents. First, there was the report released yesterday about how more than half of the cars on the street in the Brooklyn neighborhood are actually looking for parking. Today, Streetsblog previews a proposal to change a number of two-way avenues into one-ways and says that it's 1950's-era transportation planning. Both Sixth and Seventh Avenues would be made one-way, and Fourth Avenue would be narrowed. Streetsblog writes:

Engineers and planners specializing in the practice of traffic calming and the development of pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods generally advocate the opposite of DOT's plan. That is why many cities and towns are converting their 1950's era multi-lane, one-way, through-traffic streets back to slower, more locally-oriented, two-way streets.The plan hasn't been formally released.
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