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Reckless Claim: 80 South Street 'Still Alive'

With the recent debate about Pier 17, one might almost forget the nearby Tower O' Penthouses that developer Frank Sciame and architect Santiago Calatrava have planned for 80 South Street. When last we checked in, Calatrava was "full of hope." (Poor guy.) Today, we get this:

In response to a query from after a Community Board 1 public meeting [Monday] night at Southbridge Towers on plans by General Growth Corporation to redevelop the South Street Seaport, Gregg Pasquarelli, a partner with SHoP Architects, who works for General Growth and is also the architect for the city's planned East River Waterfront plan, said that the 80 South Street skyscraper project was "still alive." When asked for more information, he repeated that it was "still alive," but offered no details.

Buyers with at least $29 million in fully liquid capital should immediately begin watching their mailboxes for the new 80 South Street marketing materials carrying the catchy new slogan. 80 South Street: Still Alive!
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