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Curbed RentSpotter Big Reveal: Blue Glow on Mercer

Friday, we presented the listing details for this Soho 2BR. Today, we reveal the asking (rental) price and the listing.

Listing: 22 Mercer St. [Elliman]
Rent: $16,500
Some doubts about the square footage here (listed at 2392) and the legitimacy of the second bedroom (see, "the second bedroom has what appears to be an interior window - it's the other side of that big blue glowing thing from the master bedroom picture... which is neat, the 2 bedrooms have a view into each other - and by 'neat' I mean, are you kidding me?"), but we're afraid you're not going to rent this baby for four figures, which is where about half of the guesses came in. As for the "interior window" issue, other commenters note the "light well" streaming from the sky in the upper right picture. Light wells count, though we could imagine not wanting to peer out into one for $16.5k. Gold star to "Ro," who nailed the price.
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