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LES Mania #1: Whole Foods Bowery Interior Revealed

Perhaps you have heard of this Lower East Side that's all the rage with the kids these days? All afternoon on Curbed, it's time for some Good Ol' LES. Strap in.

Brace yourself: what you are seeing here is a photograph of the interior of the Whole Foods Bowery, slated to open sometime this spring. "Start the countdown," notes photographer Stu_Jo, who kicked this pic to the Eater Photo Pool. We're thinking those who had April 20 in the pool are looking good.
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Confidential to Recent Contest Entrants: The deadline for Curbed's pool to guess the opening date of the Whole Foods Bowery was January 20, 2006. Entries received last month, though treasured, are not eligible for the $100 shopping spree. Curbed feels your pain.
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