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This Beaver's One Big Fumble

Advertising blogger Copyranter takes issue with the latest William Beaver House ad, which ran this weekend in the Times. Begin the Andre Balazs chiding now:

Here, The Beav jumps on the Super Bowl™® exploitation pile. Thing is André, The NFL is VERY protective of the term "Super Bowl." Maybe you noticed how all the advertisers not officially sanctioned by the league say "Big Game" instead of (shhh) Super Bowl in their ads. And André, making it one word doesn't exempt you, pal.That might be nitpicking, but we noticed a fault in the ad that's way more dire. Surely the modern-day Renaissance man that the Beav claims to be?sharp dresser, automobile enthusiast, MySpace, etc.?would be better versed in the skill of ball-handling. You gotta cradle that rock, Willy!
· Hey Beaver, damn if you ain't infringing on a copyright. [Copyranter]