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Check-Out for Otterness at Times Square Hilton

The word on the street is that the big clock sculpture, Time and Money, which guards the West 41st Street entrance to the Times Square Hilton is looking for a new home. A doorman at the Hilton (thanks, Helson!) reports that sculptor Tom Otterness was recently on site to prep for the removal of all those rolly-polly money-obsessed little wankers along with the two illuminated timepieces which were installed when the Hilton opened back in 2000. It seems, with the imminent completion of Renzo Piano's fantastic New York Times Tower across the street, that the Hilton wants to do a little remodeling along West 41st (but have no fear, all you clock watchers: the companion piece at the Hilton's West 42nd entrance will remain).

No word yet where Otterness' timeless sculpture will end up. Anyone with the scoop? If so, drop us a line before the clock runs out.
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