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The Changing Face of the Corcoran Party

It wasn't long ago that Corcoran's drunk 'n sloppy broker throwdowns were punctuated by elaborate costumes and Barbara Corcoran riding off into the sunset on white horses. Now that Babs is off dangling ATM receipts in front of strangers' faces, it looks like things are being run a little differently. Or a lot differently. A tipster reports:

corcoran yearly sales event at the Hammerstein Hall was last thursday. The real Joan Rivers (several drag queen impersonators were everywhere) took the stage and was really hysterical, called all brokers liars and ellaborated...loved it. awards (multimillion dollar club/promotions) and dinner/drinks/dancing ensued, very fun. Corcoran spent a fortune and it showed, lovely.Not that it doesn't sound like a good time, but it's a slippery slope from fancy costume balls to Joan Rivers trashing you. Just saying.
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