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Dumbo Showdown: Beacon Bashing vs. J's Jive Talk

It looks like another Dumboite is taking the bait left by that 85 Adams-hating J Condo person. Commence the bashing:

Thought the readers might enjoy a little more fodder for Beacon-bashing (Beacon Tower being that 22-story monstrosity going up at 85 Adams in DUMBO). The sign shown in the picture used to say "Imagine your view from here" (Which was hilarious in the first place because at the point where the sign was hung, the "view from here" is of my building, not of the lovely water views and skyline shown on the sign.) After flapping around in the wind for the past 8 months or so, 1/4 of the tattered thing is left hanging, with nothing but a "ur m here" and a couple of PriceChops (and a rental?) to show for its hard work.

Low. Very low. But we're not going to let the J Condo get off that easy. In addition to looking like some 2-D cardboard backdrop from a movie set in the year 2250 but made in the '80s, the J Condo is also in the practice of deceptive Open Houses, or so says a Curbed reader. I wanted to bring this to your attention. I travelled to dumbo this weekend (the car, the kids, etc. - no small production) to an open house at the J building only to find out that the 'open house' is a visit to the sales center where I can see the plans and that the apartments that are advertised (see below) as open house, are in fact, not open at all. The sales center hours are apparently all day long, so I am not sure what the 3-5 and 2-5 hours are referring to other than to create the impression that the apartments listed will be shown.

How's that for bait and switch?Burn!
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