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In McHale's Footprint, Eighth Avenue Goes Platinum

[Corner of Eighth Avenue and West 46th Street near Times Square]

It was only a couple of weeks ago that The Platinum— the new 43 story residential condo development from SJP Properties currently rising at Eighth Avenue and West 46th Street—had the Development Du Jour name bestowed upon it. And by the looks of the billboard they've put up on that corner we're betting that the Platinum gang will fit right in with all those buff dancers (Broadway and other assorted types) that work this stretch of town.

[Foundation at The Platinum, corner of Eighth Avenue and West 46th Street]

For those of you who've been around awhile, you'll recognize this corner as the former site of the venerated McHale's Bar, favourite of actors and techies alike for over 35 years (or so we're told). McHale's packed up and hit the road one year ago this week, followed shortly by the shuttering of three other old-time theater district haunts: Sam's & Barrymore's (both one block over on West 45th) and JR's just across 46th Street. To tell you the truth, ever since those doors closed we've been a bit at sea. Oh, we've found other places to wet our whistles, but without McHale's great old neon sign shining above that corner we never seem to know exactly where we are. Until something permanent and flashy goes up here to light our way these flexing muscles will be a fine and welcome signpost.

As of this week The Platinum has pushed itself to street level, the sidewalk shed is up and a small crane is hovering over the site. All we can say is, "Get this sucker up and open a bar here ASAP!"

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