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Storefronting Rumormongering Update: Apple's Lotus?

On a day when a local politico wants to make it illegal to wear an iPod while crossing the street, more rumors about a possible new location for the Meatpacking Apple Store. Sources tell Curbed that Apple is strenuously considering a location just to the west of the old Markt/Western Beef space we'd previously speculated about, at the address 409-411 West 14th Street.

The problem? 409 West 14th is home to none other than Lotus, MePa's eternal nightspot. As such, we're dubious of this rumor, but there it is. Representatives from the Rabin/Jah camp have been contacted; we'll update when we know more.
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UPDATE: Lotus reps say there's no smoke here, gesturing us back in the direction of the Markt/Western Beef space at 401 West 14th instead. Hmmm.