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It's Official: Judge Flips Bird to Finger Building

Williamsburg's Finger Building won't be growing to 16 stories from its current 10. The building has been tied up in court, but a judge has issued a decision denying the developer's motion to grow the Finger another six stories. The case hinged on the question of roof decks that developer Mendel Brach and architect Robert Scarano built over some adjoining buildings that the property owners said they didn't have a right to build. The 'open space' would have allowed a building taller than ten stories. A reading of the decision, which landed in our inbox via a special correspondent, shows the judge siding with the property owners. A few of the judge's words for those of you that like such things:

Based upon the foregoing, the motion for summary judgment seeking a declaration that the Developer purchased “open space” rights to the rooftops of 115 and 138 from Iqbal is denied in its entirety.In plain English, the Finger stays at ten stories. Unless there's an appeal and a different decision. Meantime, keep putting in those windows.
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